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Providing the most reliable inductor support solutions for global customers

What is the reason caused high temperature surface and Low temperature output when the inductors working ?


1.Big value DCR in Inductance coil ,the coil will heat when the high current through the inductors.

2.If We didnt choose the right material core ,when it works with high frequency ,the magnetic loss too big ,it will make the surface temperature higher.

Why SMD power inductor makes noise in the work ? How to solve this problem ?


The source of the noise is the coil was vibrating when it working ,to reduce the noise ,we can put little glue on the coil to make it Fixed.Or adjust the inductance slightly to change the resonance frequency.If it still can not solved ,Try to change more suitable inductors,such as Molding power choke.

What is the material of Inductors’ magnetic core ?


Power inductors usally use Soft magnetic materials like:Manganese Zinc Ferrite and Nickel Zinc Ferrite .

And Metal Powder Core (Ironpowder Core,High Flux, MPP, Sendust,  Fesi,  FeSiCr,  FeSiNi,  Nanodust)

CODACA Inductors mainly  used :

1.Ironpowder Core.

2.Nickel Zinc Ferrite .

3.Manganese Zinc Ferrite.

What kind of the core in high current inductor


According to different application area, the magnetic core material will be different, generally there is iron powder core material, manganese zinc ferrite magnetic core and some alloy powder.

How to save the inductance longer than 24 months?


Vacuum packing, adding desiccant, normal temperature preservation.

The mainly question is about oxidation ,storage moistureproof, desiccant and packaging try to isolate the air bag.

Why common high current inductor generally is used flat wire winding?


High-current inductor need to minimize loss of the product , the purpose of using the pancake coil is :

1.Combining closely between flat coil turns and turns,waste less space, so that the volume of the same circumstances, flat line with lower DCR.

2.Flat coil loss at high frequency is much smaller than the circle line of the cross-sectional area.

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