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CODACA Announces New Power Inductor Offering Excellent Low Loss and Insolation Performance for Solar energy, Wind energy and Hybrid Automotive Applications
Our Admin 2018-08-09

Codaca Electronics just launched a new 3020 case size, the high current power inductor, model CPFL3020 series, it is a vertical assemblage and multi-wires design, with a very low loss and an excellent insolation.

This new series designed with BONBIN winding skeleton, which make an effective isolation between the core and the coil, this enhance the dielectric performance of the inductor.

Another advantage of the new series is the multi-wires winding that makes the equivalent resistance far less than the single round wire, under the high frequency working condition, it increase the current conduction efficiency of the wire which make the Q Value higher.     
This new series use a new magnetic core material, which effectively solve the thermal aging problem, with a lower hysteresis expansion rate, and have excellent soft saturation characteristics making it the optimal solutions for DC-DC energy storage applications.
The additional pins design offers a better mounting to withstand mechanical shock and improve the vibration endurance of the inductor. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the application like solar energy, wind energy, hybrid electric vehicle and other new energy fields.
This new CPFL3020 series designed to work steadily in high frequency and high temperature environment, Its working temperature range is -55℃~+150.

It is RoHS, Reach, halogen free compliant,

This new series CPFL3020 inductors are available now. For inquiry and engineering samples, please contact us by emailing to [email protected]

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