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Product News

Providing the most reliable inductor support solutions for global customers
Help customers to create higher market value! 05
Our Admin 2017-05-15
Codaca with the world's leading powder metallurgy technology supplier, through many years of painstaking research and production technology integration, successfully mastered the integration of high-power, high current inductors core technology! The promotion of product quality and the decrease of production cost provide a solid backing for Kodaga's vigorous development! And the realization of the industry's first magnetic core, flat coil two major materials are independent research and development, self production, import automation assembly of large current inductors and automation integrated molding inductor production line enterprises. At the same time, to the target market to launch the same volume, to provide the current solution to maximize the integration of forming inductors! The company has won many national invention patents, to fill a number of gaps in the industry. A number of advantages can be compared with the current leader in the industry!
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