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CODACA Milestone
CODACA Milestone

Sep. 2001, CODACA electronics established in Shenzhen.

Dec. 2003, Company moved to Dongfan Industrial Park in Bantian, Shenzhen.

Apr. 2004, Successfully launched SMD power inductor series.

May 2004, Introduced CRM and ERP management system designed by CODACA to solve the basic

                 customer information and production management problem.

Jun. 2004, Successfully launched full series of molded coil products.In the same year, Production capacity

                 meets market share by more than 50%.

Jan. 2005, Registered as Shenzhen CODACA Electronic Co., Ltd.

Jul. 2006,  ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system


Jun. 2007, Suzhou Office established to support customer in east China.

Jul. 2008, Successfully launched SMD type molding power chokes.

Jan. 2009, Successfully launched CSB, CSCM, CSCF series high current power inductor.

May 2010, Established magnetic powder core engineering department, developing core material by

                 CODACA to increase competitiveness.

Mar. 2012, Shenzhen whole production plant moved to Heyuan; Shenzhen headquarter moved to

                 Shangxue Industrial Park, Bantian.

Agu. 2013, Successfully launched CPD, CSD series high current power inductor for digital amplifier.

Mar. 2015, Successfully launched CSEB series molding powder chokes.

Mar. 2016, Officially set up the industrial level inductor reliability test laboratory.

May2016, ISO/TS16949 automobile quality management system certificated.

Sep. 2017, Based on the new magnetic powder core material, many distributed air gap low loss and high

                 current power inductors have been successfully developed and put into production.

Mar2018, Set up Material Analysis Laboratory, which can be used for surface morphology observation,

                 particle size analysis, element analysis, nondestructive testing, etc.

Nov. 2018, Successfully launched CSHB series hot-pressing molding powder chokes, increasing the series

                 of current molding power chokes.

Apr. 2019, Established Automotive Level Inductor Reliability Test Laboratory managed under ISO17025

                 standard. CNAS approval project was officially launched.

May2019, Set up the equipment department, realized the independent design of some non-standard

                 equipment, and help the deployment of future intelligent  factory.

Jul. 2019, Successfully launched different series of common mode inductor.

Oct. 2019, Successfully launched Bonded NdFeB permanent magnet products, and set up 4 standardized

                 production lines.

Dec. 2019, “National High Tech Enterprises” affirmed.

Nov2020, Test Center approved by CNAS.

Mar. 2022, Shenzhen headquarter moved to Tianan Cloud Park.